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Ready to broaden your pair-programming horizons, but need some help getting started? Here are some links to talks, guides, and tools for successfully pair-programming beyond your office.

Guides & Talks


  • Tuple macOS only screen sharing tool tailored for pair programming.
  • tmux Allows more than one person to connect to a single terminal session.
  • Wemux "enhances tmux to make multi-user multiplexing both easier and more powerful".
  • ls-pair is a set of tools for remote pairing built around Wemux, from LivingSocial.
  • Tweemux A slim wrapper around tmux to ease remote pairing setup.
  • github-auth SSH key management for Github users. Easily add/remove any Github user's public ssh keys.
  • Simple, free and awesome cross-platform (mac/win/mobile) screensharing for multiple users, with remote control, audio and text chat.
  • Remote Pair Chef Quickly build customized EC2 instances bootstrapped with RVM, TMUX, Vim and pre-built users in a single command.
  • Cloud9 is an online IDE that allows "developers around the world to edit the same code and chat together in real-time". You can sign in with your github account and clone repos straight into it.
  • CoVim is a plugin that adds multi-user, real-time collaboration to Vim.
  • Floobits Floobits lets you use native editors to work on the same files as others in real-time.
  • tmate Instant terminal sharing
  • TeamViewer screen-sharing app for Mac/Windows/Linux, allows remote control and you can change color/quality settings to improve latency. Free for personal use.
  • Slack /pair command Slack slash command your team can use to see who is free to pair on what.
  • Atom-pair remote pairing package within the Atom text editor, powered by Pusher.

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